PipFinite Trend PRO Indicator Review

PipFinite Trend PRO Indicator Review

We will be reviewing the PipFinite Trend Pro Forex indicator today, which was released January 15, 2018. This tool was designed to help traders identify trends in the market. The software was designed to try to eliminate the noise in the market while showing precise inputs and out put signals. Also included are improved rules and statistical calculations.

PipFinite Trend PRO Overview

Karlo Wilson Vendiola is the developer of the software. He is based in the Philippines and has currently 20 products on the MQL5 Market. Support is available through the developer’s Facebook page or via email.

The public isn’t aware of the unique strategy that Pipfinite Trend Pro employs. The developer provides some examples, but does not provide many details. The indicator’s use is supposed to be simple, regardless of commercial strategy. Traders can receive signals in just three simple steps. They can also set up stop losses and take profits. The system will then do the rest. If the estimated success rate is greater than 65%, then the system will recommend the trade. If it is lower than that percentage, no trade will be made.

The developer wants to let the user know that the software has a trend detection feature based on statistics and images. Signals can be received via pop-ups or email and are also audible within MT4.


  • Type: Forex Forex Indicator
  • Price: 98 USD
  • Trend, support, and resistance:
  • Timeframes: All Timeframes
  • Pair list: All Pairs

The price of 98 USD, when compared to the current market for this type of indicator, is a very affordable one. The software will work with all currency pairs and time frames. It is appreciated by developers that they focus on systems that work well with a limited number of currency pairs, and a particular time frame. It will save the user a lot time by not having to test a variety of systems to see which ones work best in different currencies and on specific time frames.

This is a Forex Indicator, so the software has no real-world business results. The developer’s site has a video with a few commercial examples that are not verifiable.

Truthfully, the Forex market rarely provides verifiable results. It would be much easier for users if Indicators creators connected their accounts with Myfxbook in order to verify their findings. If the system is really a winner, and it can be proven reliably, then everything will go better for the developer.

Service Cost

The PipFinite Trend Pro indicator is available for $98 USD. However, there are other options available, including the option to rent the PipFinite Trend PRO indicator for one month at a cost of $58 USD. There is also a free demo available.


Overall, the customer feedback is positive and there are over 1,000 comments. Users tend to highlight how well the indicator works in the case of trends.

The developer is not willing to provide too many details about the strategy. We would like to see a verified account on the website of the developer so we can be sure that this product is what it claims to be. In the end, we seem to be dealing with a great indicator and should add it to our list.

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