Market Crusher Review

Market Crusher Review

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Market Crusher, a trading assistant was created to allow us to trade on both demo and real accounts automatically. Here are some details from the developers. It is now our turn to examine it.



Expert Advisor


$149, $299, $399


Day trading and day scalping. Reversal trading

Compatible Platforms

MT4, MT5

Currency Pairs




Minimum Deposit Minimum Deposit


Recommendation Deposit


Utilize leverage


Trade length

7 hours

Trading strategy explanation

The presentation provides us with various explanations about the system’s functionality and its behavior on the market.

  • Market Crusher is able to execute your orders automatically.

  • So, we can provide just general supervision.

  • This works for crypto, Forex and indices as well as commodities.

  • You can find four advisors at once.

  • If needed, trades can be done manually.

  • Day trading, day scalping and night scalping are some of the strategies available.

  • It is used to trade the correlation gap between symbols.

  • There’s a pack of settings provided.

  • Live accounts can be accessed with the use of signals.

  • You can apply various filters to it.

  • Developer provides support for clients through a private group.

  • It can be used with 28 cross pairs.

  • You can use it for any length of time.

  • Our orders are protected by the system’s SL and TP levels.

  • If we wish, it allows us to employ a Grid strategy of orders.

  • Only trades can be made during business hours.

  • The best brokers for this system are IC Markets, Vantage, Pepperstone,  Tickmill,  and Fusion Markets.

Backtest data analysis

Market Crusher backtest report.

At once, the robot was tested against both EURUSD USD and GBPUSD. With $1143.22 in profits, it has closed 211 deals. It had a profit factor of 3.4. Its win rate stood at 77.25%. It had a low drawdown rate of -6.45%.

Live trading data analysis

Trade Results

MQL5 Account

RoboForex, Real USD


May 19, 2022

Make a deposit














Market Crusher trading results.

Automated trading on real RoboForex accounts is possible by the robot. The leverage is standardized‒1:500. The order management system can handle orders up to 9.6% in drawdown and a maximum deposit load of 7.4%. The win rate is low‒66.7. The system generated only 3.95% of total gains after less than a month of trading.

Market Crusher growth chart.

It’s clear from the chart that the system can’t manage to trade stable and profitable.

Market Crusher closed orders.

Sometimes, the system may lose multiple orders at once.

Market Crusher statistics.

Market Crusher concluded 87 trades. While the best trade is $7.49, the worst trades are -$25.77. The recovery factor is low‒0.68. The profit factor stands at 1.26.

Market Crusher.

You can combine it with symbols that have different frequencies.


The dev’s profile.

Scott Fredeman, a US developer has a 17,978-rate. He has 11 products in his portfolio and 9 signals. The public can avail his products for 4.8/5, according to 20 testimonials.

Market Crusher reviews.

Clients mentioned how the system was predictable and stable for them.


Market Crusher pricing.

The robot can be bought for just $399. You can rent the robot for $149 per month or $299 each year. A demo copy can be downloaded for free.

Review summary

The pros


  • Pricing looks about average
  • We do not provide any settings explanations
  • We do not offer money-management tips
  • Poor trading results

Market Crusher is a trading software that attempts to function well on real accounts. This presentation contains details on backtest results and trading results. We’d like to wait more upcoming data to understand if the system manages to work smoothly and predictably.

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